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Entry Level Ref Course 2017

We’re excited to offer the Entry Level Ref Course in Spruce Grove.. Please click HERE for more details!!

SGSA Food Bank Donation

The Spruce Grove Soccer association help its free pre-season soccer camps in mid April.  The SGSA asked that players in return… Read more »

British Soccer Camp in Spruce Grove

Looking for a fun soccer activity for your child this summer? Consider enrolling them in the British Soccer Camp! Details for… Read more »

Fair Play Rules – Read Before the First Game!

Do you know Canada Soccer’s Fair Play Rules? With games starting Friday, take the time to review them, whether you are a player, a parent or a coach.

For parents we would highlight Number 8:

8. I will never question the officials’ judgment or honesty in public

AND Number 12:

I will not coach my child from the sidelines, just support them positively from the sidelines

BUT PLEASE review all the rules – we need to be aware and have our heads in the right space when we head out to the games 🙂

Join Our Team

You’ve probably heard the saying before: Many hands make light work Well, we need a few more hands here at SGSA… Read more »