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SGSA Food Bank Donation

The Spruce Grove Soccer association help its free pre-season soccer camps in mid April.  The SGSA asked that players in return… Read more »

British Soccer Camp in Spruce Grove

Looking for a fun soccer activity for your child this summer? Consider enrolling them in the British Soccer Camp! Details for… Read more »

Fair Play Rules – Read Before the First Game!

Do you know Canada Soccer’s Fair Play Rules? With games starting Friday, take the time to review them, whether you are a player, a parent or a coach.

For parents we would highlight Number 8:

8. I will never question the officials’ judgment or honesty in public

AND Number 12:

I will not coach my child from the sidelines, just support them positively from the sidelines

BUT PLEASE review all the rules – we need to be aware and have our heads in the right space when we head out to the games 🙂

Join Our Team

You’ve probably heard the saying before: Many hands make light work Well, we need a few more hands here at SGSA… Read more »

Know the Weather Policies!

It’s raining and you aren’t sure if your kid’s game is still proceeding? Check out our weather policies here. You can… Read more »