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Is your child passionate about soccer? Would they like to play in a more competitive environment and further develop their soccer skills? If so, then one of our premier teams (the Spruce Grove Saints) could be for them!

Saints teams generally start practicing a few weeks earlier than the community teams and, depending on the team and age group and their standing at the end of regular season, their season could last 4-6 weeks longer. Because Saints is a competitive program, most teams play in 1 or more tournaments. There may be costs (in addition to registration fees) that are associated with additional tournaments and/or training, all of which will depend on a number of factors and ultimately specific information for a team will be decided/shared by the coach of each individual team. Saints teams have only 1 more practice per week than community teams, but require the commitment of attending ALL practices and games.

Saints teams are formed on the basis of tryouts – not all who tryout are guaranteed a spot on a team. Saints teams may play in any of Tiers 1, 2 or 3 in their age group.