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Saints Outdoor Tryouts 2017

All Tryouts are held at the Transalta Tri Leisure Center – located at 221 Jennifer Heil Way, Spruce Grove

Players must attend BOTH tryouts and be prepared with the proper equipment including shin pads..

Thursday, March 9th

  North Field South Field
6:00-7:30pm U13 Boys

Born 2004


U11-U12 Girls

Born 2006-2005


7:30-9pm U15-U18 Boys

Born 2002-1999

U13-U14 Girls

Born 2004-2003


Saturday, March 11th

  North Field
8:00-9:00am U8 Tech session  Born  2009
9:00-10:00am U15-U16 Girls  Born 2002 – 2001
10:00-11:00am U17-U18 Girls  Born 2000-1999
11:00-12:00pm U9-U10 Girls  Born 2008-2007
12:00-1:00pm U9 Boys  Born 2008
1:00-2:00pm U11 Boys  Born 2006
2:00-3:00pm U10 Boys  Born 2007
3:00-4:00pm U12 Boys  Born 2005
4:00-5:00pm U14 Boys  Born 2003
5:00-6:30pm U11-U12 Girls  Born 2006-2005
6:30-8:00pm U15-U18 Boys  Born 2002-1999

Sunday, March 12th

  North Field
8:00-9:00am U8 tech session  Born 2009
9:00-10:00am U13 Boys  Born 2004
10:00-11:00am U14 Boys  Born 2003
11:00-12:00pm U9-U10 Girls  Born 2008-2007
12:00-1:00pm U12 Boys  Born 2005
1:00-2:00pm U17-U18 Girls  Born 2000-1999
2:00-3:00pm U13-U14 Girls  Born 2004-2003
3:00-4:00pm U9 Boys  Born 2008
4:00-5:00pm U11 Boys  Born 2006
5:00-6:00pm U10 Boys  Born 2007
6:00-7:30pm U15-U16 Girls  Born 2002-2001