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Coaching Courses in Spruce Grove  Outdoor


SGSA is excited to offer the Active Start, Fundamentals, and Learn to Train Coaching Courses in Spruce Grove for the Outdoor 2018 season!

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(Through EMSA and ASA, you can receive all of the training required to coach within our organizations and/or become one of our talented referees!)

Links will be added to the website for registration when they are made available to us.

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Below are a few more location options. Click above link for more information.

DATE      Workshop Type    Location

Sept 28/29, 2019 Learn to Train, St.Albert

Oct 5/6, 2019, Soccer for Life, Sherwood Park

Oct 5/6, 2019, Learn to Train, Sherwood Park

Oct 5/6, 2019, Soccer for Life, EMSA West Zone

Oct 5/6, 2019, Soccer for Life, St.Albert

Oct 9, 2019, Active Start, St.Albert

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EMSA MAIN hosts courses for Coach every season (Outdoor and Indoor). As listed below:


This course is three hours (one hour in class and two hours in the field) designed for the development of movement skills needed for all sports, with the main emphasis on soccer. Games, methodology, and techniques will be given to the participants so that an enjoyable experience will be had by all. This course will give any new soccer coach the tools needed to run great practices and activity sessions. Wear active clothing and footwear!


This course is three hours (one in class and two hours in the field)  to give the coach ideas on how to improve his team’s technical skill. This would be for the Tier 3 – 9 coach who wishes to improve their team’s enjoyment and success on the field. We will be going over proper techniques on shooting, heading, fitness and ball control. Wear active clothing and footwear!

All courses usually run in APRIL, in preparation for the Outdoor season, and in SEPTEMBER for Indoor season. The registration for all courses will be online.
If you have any question regarding, please contact Martina Menaguale at


NOTE:  If you are coaching Premier team you must have ASA Certified Courses, click the link for all info:


*reimbursed for SG coaches


It is critical that you refer to the information provided on the EMSA main Coach’s Kit for full coaching information for the current season. This page provides mandatory forms, information on scheduled pick up, online scoring information, post-season commitments, codes of conduct, and much more!

SGSA Electronic Gamesheet – Instructions (2019_01_16 18_02_39 UTC)

SGSA Electronic Gamesheet – Premier and Community U9 – U19 Indoor Season

Thank you for giving your time to coach!