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Coaching Courses in Spruce Grove  Outdoor 2018


SGSA is excited to offer the Active Start, Fundamentals, and Learn to Train Coaching Courses in Spruce Grove for the Outdoor 2018 season!

Links will be added to the website for registration in Jan when they are made available to us.

Active Start (U4 – U5) $50*

Active Start#136

Date: April 20, 2018
Time: 5-9 pm
Location: Border Paving Athletic Centre/Fuhr Sports Park

Fundamentals Festival and Coaching Course U7(incl U6)-U8   (incl lunch)


Date: April 21, 2018
Time:9am -3:30pm
Location: Border Paving Athletic Centre/Fuhr Sports Park

cost: free for current SGSA coaches

Alberta soccer & SpruceGroveSoccer are hosting a FUNDAMENTALSFESTIVAL WORKSHOP.16Coaches are welcome to join us for a full day of learning, training and fun. Alberta Soccer will be supporting coaches and players in developingthePreferredTraining Modelforsoccerprogramsin your community. All coaches will receive NCCP training in theFUNdamentalsStageof LTPD

Further information and resources for these programs can be found at

Soccer For Life (U12 and Up) $130* (incl lunch)

Soccer for Life#124

Date: April 7 & 8, 2018
Time: 9-5 pm
Location: Border Paving Athletic Centre/Fuhr Sports Park


*reimbursed for SG coaches


It is critical that you refer to the information provided on the EMSA main Coach’s Kit for full coaching information for the current season. This page provides mandatory forms, information on scheduled pick up, online scoring information, post-season commitments, codes of conduct, and much more!

Thank you for giving your time to coach!