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New Information for Referees

Alberta Soccer Return to Soccer Plan – June 2020 NOT APPROVED

Please note the following pages:

Pages 20 and 21
Title: Appendix 7 Referee Checklist
Pages 26-28
Title: Adult Waiver
Pages 29 and 30
Title: Declaration of Compliance
Pages 31 and 32
Title: Rules of Play, Additional Advice for Referees and Game Procedures
Page 33 Team and Referee Feedback requirements
Page 34 Referee Pre-Game script for Covid-19 Precautions


Thank you for your time and desire to be a referee. We have compiled a variety of information and resources for you and anyone else interested.

Referee Courses

In our desire to provide our ref’s with as much information as we can to develop their abilities we have a Ref Courses page with course information and contacts for your pursual.


Effective match control stems from a number of tools and habits that each referee should work to develop and maintain. Some referees even refer to these skills as their “toolbox”. The more successful referee develops these tools at a faster rate and at an earlier point in their career and their progress improves as a result.

Here are a number of simple reminders and some drills that can be used in various situations during a match to establish and enhance the referee’s control over the game at hand.  Have a look at them and adapt them to your own style, and put them in your own referee toolbox.



Ultimately, any tool has but one function in its use, to assist in the performance of a task or tasks. Try these drills for yourself; see which ones work for you and which you will need to modify to suit your style.


Ref Resources

Click on the links below for different information and resources:

Assistant Referee Checklist

Fouls Handout

Referee Pre-game Checklist

Referee Pre-game Instructions and Duties

Ref Handbook

Back to Basics


Mentoring and Co-Ed Ref Sheet

Referee and AR Outdoor Sheet

SGSA Referee Expense Claim Form

Additional information can be found on the EMSA Main site.

Please review our Policies and Governance page, for information that should help you in your coaching journey.