Celebration | EMSA Spruce Grove

We want to celebrate the efforts of all our teams!

Please provide us with photos of your team and any stories you wish to share.

If you have a standout player of the week or month, we want to share that. If your coach has been excellent we want to share that as well.


Off to Provincials

Non-boarded premier on March 8-10
U13 T1 boys – Taylor
U17 T1 Boys – O’Shea

Boarded Premier on March 15-17
U13 T3 Girls – Horsfield – Earned bronze in league standing
U13 T2 Girls – Robert
U15 T3 Boys – Mah – Earned bronze in league standing. Bronze at EWZSA Slush Cup.
U17 T3 Boys – Gabber
U17 T2 Girls – Horsfield

Boarded community 
U15 T4 Girls (Trouble) – Kain – image attached. Silver at city finals, gold at Slush Cup.

 Slush Cup medalists 
U11 Girls Celtics (O’Shea) – Bronze,
U11 Boys Celtics (Laurie) – Silver,

U15 Boys (Issler) – Gold,
U13 Girls Royal (Zaplotinsky) – Gold,