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Get involved

Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to provide such a great program for your child. Thank you to all our volunteers for getting involved and making the difference.


We currently require volunteers for the following Executive Positions:


The Treasurer will receive all moneys to the credit of SGSA and will deposit all moneys received in a chartered bank or credit union. The Treasurer will provide a financial report at each meeting of the Executive and will have Financial Statements prepared once each year.


Please contact the office , if you wish more information about a position or you want to apply to join our wonderful Executive team. You can also review our Bylaws for some of the general requirement of a member of the executive and information on how we operate.

Volunteer Commitment Opportunities

Find out more about opportunities for coaches, managers and officials by contacting our office or the appropriate age group director.

Volunteers are also needed for the many tournaments put on by EMSA and our zone throughout the season. For example, the Moon Day Tournament and the Indoor Early Bird Tournament require hosts, field marshals, and many other helpers. Call our office at 780-962-5111 and find out how you can get involved.

For more information contact our office at 780-962-5111 or email sgsa@telus.net

General Volunteers

Typically we try to schedule volunteers to work four (4) hour shifts. Depending on the number of volunteers signing up, we may have to assign longer shifts, if you cannot cover the entire shift, let us know and we will make different arrangements. We do appreciate any length of time you may be able to volunteer for, even if it is one hour. Thank you kindly for taking the time to get involved with EMSA Spruce Grove.

  • Field Marshall: You will work together with tournament headquarters, you are the eyes and ears for them at the fields. Your two main responsibilities are to be at the field 15 minutes early and make sure the assigned referees are at the field and collect the game sheets at the end of the game. Detailed instructions will be given to you by tournament headquarters.
  • Medal Presenter: During the medal round, together with tournament chairperson or Zone Representative, you will award the medals to the players. Detailed instructions will be given to you by tournament headquarters.
  • Concession/BBQ: During tournaments and special events, volunteers will be required to prepare, sell or serve food at the concession. Volunteers will also be required to set up and take down the concession tent or other facility. A volunteer with a mini-van or truck is required as a pick up person, the volunteer would be responsible to pick up food/beverage order or supplies for the concession.
  • Selling 50/50 Tickets: Volunteers will be responsible to walk around the grounds and sell 50/50 tickets or raffle tickets.


You may contact our Volunteer Coordinator with any questions you may have.