About | EMSA Spruce Grove


The vision statement is a guiding image of success and speaks
to a future the organization wants to achieve as a result of
delivering on its mission. It highlights ambitions for the future
and describes the long term impact of fulfilling its mission.
The vision of the Spruce Grove Soccer Association is….
…a prominent and thriving program that is open to all
members of the Spruce Grove and surrounding area to
achieve their soccer goals. It is a prominent program in
the community in which participants apply teamwork and
citizenship ideals within SGSA and the broader community.


Value Statements
Value statements describe how the organization and its
members conduct themselves. These statements provide
insight into the culture of the organization because they
illuminate fundamental beliefs. These value statements apply to
the organization’s dealings with players, participants, and other
entities, as well as how participants, players, and others interact
with each other and the organization itself.

The value statements of the Spruce Grove Soccer Association
(SGSA) are listed below.
Accountability: We do what we say we will do. We are honest
in our dealings with others and we are transparent in our
Excellence: We strive to the highest levels in all we do. This
does not simply apply to play on the pitch but to all our efforts.
Recognizing we are a volunteer organization. We work to
achieve at the highest levels whether it is support for teams
and players; the organization of local, provincial, and national
events; and all other areas.
Sportsmanship: We never place ourselves above the game and
we treat ourselves and our opponents with respect and dignity.
While we strive for our highest achievements; it is not done at
all cost.
Fairness: We will work to treat all people and circumstances
in a fair manner. This does not mean that all people will get
the result that they want; rather it means that decisions will be
made in an impartial manner without favouritism.
Responsiveness: We will be responsive to each other and
others. When questions are posed and decisions are to be
made we will work to ensure we are as responsive as possible –
we are timely in our actions.

We believe in fun. We believe in play. We believe in soccer.