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U9 ProgramU9 RecreationalU9 CompetitiveU9 Club
Birth Year2015/162015/162015/16
Registration Fee$250$260$375
Practice Day(s)Tues 6-7pmMon 6-7pmTBA
Alternate Practice DayThursdayTBATBA
Game Day(s)ThursdaysSat & Tues/WedTentative Playing Days
Play LocationSpruce GroveEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & Area


U11 ProgramU11 RecreationalU11 CompetitiveU11 Club
Birth Year2013/142013/142013/14
Registration Fee$260$285$400
Practice DayTues 6-8pmTues 6-8pmTBA
Alternate Pratice DayTBATBATBA
Game DaySat & Mon/WedSat & Mon/WedTentative Playing Days
Play LocationEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & Area


U13 ProgramU13 RecreationalU13 CompetitiveU13 Club
Birth Year2011/122011/122011/12
Registration Fee$315$340$450
Practice DayThurs 6-8pmThurs 6-8pmTBA
Alternate Practice DayWed 6-8pmWed 6-8pmTBA
Game DaySunday/TuesdaySunday/TuesdayTentative Playing Days
Play LocationEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & Area


U15 ProgramU15 RecreationalU15 CompetitiveU15 Club
Birth Year2009/102009/102009/10
Registration Fee$330$355$465
Practice DayTues 7-9pmTues 7-9pmTBA
Alternate Practice DaySun 7-9pmSun 7-9pmTBA
Game DayMonday/ThursdayMonday/ThursdayTentative Playing Days
Play LocationEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & Area


U17/19 ProgramU17/19 RecreationalU17/19 CompetitiveU17/19 Club
Birth Year2005/06/07/082005/06/07/082005/06/07/08
Registration Fee$330$355$465
Practice DayMon 7-9pmMon 7-9pmTBA
Alternate Practice DayThurs 7-9pmThurs 7-9pmTBA
Game DaySunday/WednesdaySunday/WednesdayTentative Playing Days
Play LocationEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & AreaEdmonton & Area

Registration Now Open!

**CHANGED** Volunteer Commitment

Starting this 2024 Outdoor Season, each family will be required to pay a $100 volunteer fee. This is a one-time fee per family. It will be added to your registration fee upon registering your player. No need to worry! – once your volunteer commitment is fulfilled, you will be reimbursed the full $100.

Important information and additional costs

All players will need shin pads, water bottle, Green Campea shorts and socks (shorts and socks need to be purchased from the SGSA office)

For outdoor you will need outdoor soccer shoes with cleats.

U4 to U19 Competitive/Rec players are supplied a stock jersey to keep. These will be handed out to all players by the coach at the first practice.

U9 to 19 Club players will be required to pay a deposit to receive a Green sublimated jersey and a White sublimated jersey that must be returned at the end of the season.

Only Recreational fee is due at registration, balance will be due upon placement on a team

All programs are based on player numbers, if there is not enough players to offer a particular program then an alternate will be offered.

Practices day(s) will be decided once teams are formed.

Individual teams may decide on additional funds needed to support tournaments and other team activities.