Programs & Benefits


Grassroots Program

Whether your player dreams of playing for Canada’s National Teams or simply wants to have fun with their friends, taking the right approach to the game when children are young sets the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment. This is the Grassroots model.  A detailed outline of the Long Term Player development can be found by reading this information sheet.

For more information please click on the links or watch the video below:

Alberta Soccer – grassroots

Active For Life

Grassroots Soccer – Cochrane, AB

Long Term Player Development

Questions, concerns, feedback about U5 or U7 .. please contact our   Mini Director


SGSA provides a jersey, shorts and socks for each community player. Players must have their own shin guards and water bottles at every game and practice. Player’s footwear must be either running shoes or soccer shoes (no cleats in indoor and no metal cleats in outdoor).

For U9 and U11 please email your Youth Director at  

For U13 to U19 please email your Adolescent Director at

CLUB U9 – U19

Is your child passionate about soccer? Would they like to play in a more competitive environment and further develop their soccer skills? If so, then one of our premier club teams, could be for them!

Club teams generally start practicing a few weeks earlier than the community teams and, depending on the team, age group, and their standing at the end of regular season, their season could last 4-6 weeks longer. Because Saints is a competitive program, most teams play in 1 or more tournaments. There may be costs (in addition to registration fees) that are associated with additional tournaments and/or training, all of which will depend on a number of factors and ultimately specific information for a team will be decided/shared by the coach of each individual team.

  • Club teams are formed on the basis of tryouts – not all who try out are guaranteed a spot on a team.
  • Club teams may play Non Boarded soccer in any of Tiers 1 or 2 in their age group.

For any questions please contact our Saints Director at or

The SGSA Adult Programs are currently under evaluation

Interested in Adult Soccer in Spruce Grove? The SGSA Board of Directors currently has an opening for an Adult Premier Director. If you would be interested in fulfilling this role and helping to refresh the SGSA Adult Program, contact us at to express your interest!

Indoor Benefits

In a city where it’s winter 8 months a year – the benefits of indoor soccer are pretty obvious. The Edmonton area Indoor Soccer Programs have “exploded” over the last few years and as a result, many indoor fields have been developed. The Edmonton Soccer Centre West has 4 indoor fields, we have also opened the East and South Soccer centres with 4 fields in each. In addition, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan and most recently St. Albert have also added indoor fields. We have gone from 1 indoor field to 19 fields in less than 20 years – with thousands of interested players and a growing number more every day.

Players from all levels and all ages can play the game. There’s a level for everyone. Games are short and sweet – 1 hour of fast-paced non-stop action and you’re done. Not a huge commitment, but what a great workout. Concession, lounge, dressing rooms, and stadium seating for spectators are always available. Best of all – no mosquitos, rain, or snow to ruin the day. Games are always a go! (well almost always – the occasional blizzard has been known to affect us).

Indoor Programs

Minis U5 to U9 (4 – 8 years)

6 vs. 6 on 1/2 a field. The field is split with a special net that has goal areas marked. Dozens and dozens of parents and siblings cheering them on in the stands makes this an exciting group to watch!

Community Teams U11 – U19

6 vs. 6 on a full field (U11 is 7 vs. 7). Fast paced like hockey, player changes on the fly, no offsides, pass the ball off the boards to a teammate or yourself and shoot to score! No boring moments when the ball goes out of play as most of the time it’s in play. It’s a game like no other. Exciting and fun. Minimum equipment needed – shin pads, indoor shoes, and a water bottle and you’re good to go. Games for this group usually run Saturdays (U11 -U13) or Sundays (U15-U19).

Competitive and/or Premier Teams U9 – U19

6 vs. 6 on a full field (U9 is 7 vs. 7). Same game as above except coaches like to set challenges at this level to help kids keep up some of their outdoor game skills too. Benefits of this game for players at this level are numerous. First touch – has to be perfect or the ball can bounce over to the other team. Quick decisions have to be made. Players have to think about what they’ll do with the ball in advance of receiving it. One touch and two touch game – brilliant at this pace. Passing and give and go – accuracy, speed, timing – all of it is challenged that much more with the speed of the indoor game. Best of all – the players love this game. Fast paced – lots of action, more scoring opportunities, and excitement. Games for this group usually run weeknights Mon – Thurs so teams can enter additional tournaments on weekends.

Adult Soccer – all levels from beginner rec league to Major League.

6 vs. 6 on a full field. EDSA runs all adult leagues (780-413-0140).

Classics and Masters Soccer – ages 35 and up, and now another group aged 45 and up.

6 vs. 6 on a full field. This has been the fastest growing group in the adult soccer area.

Outdoor Programs

When the warm winter does finally hit us, everybody wants to be outside. Outdoor soccer is a great way to get our youth engaged in activities even when school is out. It also ensures young people stay active and soak in all that delicious vitamin D.

Mini Soccer Program (4 to 8 years)

The sport of soccer has evolved to proudly boast itself as the World’s Game. However, in order for any sport to grow, it must provide a vibrant and active entry level of performance: The Grassroots of Sport.

Grassroots Community Soccer -Introductory Guide

Grassroots Community Soccer – Active Start (U6-U8) Soccer Guide

Community Teams U11 – U19

All players will have equal playing time and it will have an opportunity to play varying positions. The environment emphasizes fun and skill development. Coaches will be provided with opportunities for coaching development.

Premier Teams U9 – U19

Players will participate in motivating practices and games that develop basic technical skills in a fun and structured environment. The main emphasis is on individual development – increasing dribbling skills, using all parts of the foot, changing direction, and improving in passing. The environment emphasizes fun and skill development. Coaches will be provided with opportunities for coaching development.

Adult Soccer

All levels from beginner rec league to Major League.
EDSA runs all adult leagues (780-413-0140)

Classic and Masters Soccer

Ages 35 and up, and now another group aged 45 and up.
This has been the fastest growing group in the adult soccer area.