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We want to keep our players safe and expect a high level of respect among our players, team officials and referees. Remember, leagues run through the EMSA Zones, must have discipline information and inquiries go to the zone they play in, before contacting EMSA.


The Alberta Soccer Association  (ASA) Code of Conduct and Ethics is to set out the principals to ensure a safe and positive environment associated with its soccer-related activities by making individuals aware that there is an expectation of appropriate behaviour consistent with ASA’s core values: Integrity, Respect and Choice 


All Participants:

Are expected to be respectful of all participating members, encourage fair play and good competition, refrain from negative, harmful, and intimidating messages, speech or behaviour.


Team officials:

Provide ONLY technical instruction from the bench and refrain from questioning decisions of the referees. According to the Laws of the Game, Law 5, the decisions of the referee and other match officials are final and must always be respected. (This does not mean that the referee will always make the right call, but the questioning of the decision is not permitted.) However, any coach who respectfully asks for clarification of a decision should be provided one when time allows for it.


Parents/Guardians and spectators:

Are expected to respect decisions of the referee and another match officials in the same manner as is the coach. Their comments and actions are monitored by the Ref Liaison. It is imperative that the coach and Ref Liaison clearly understand their responsibilities and that a failure to act appropriately could lead to a sanction against the coach.

The referee has been instructed that all instances of inappropriate behaviour or comments (by either Team Officials or Spectators) are to be sanctioned according to the Laws of the Game. (Team Officials will be warned, cautioned, or sent of depending on the severity and circumstances of the action, spectators will be removed)

Should spectators, parents or Guardians display inappropriate behaviour, the coach should be asked to remedy the situation through the Ref Liaison. In the event that this does not happen the game will be paused until such time as the facility staff have dealt with the person(s) involved in the incident. The appropriate sanction will be applied to the coach. This will almost certainly delay the restart of play.

Questions or request for clarifications from referees is always welcome after the game or in writing to ref@saintsfc.ca (as are questions on the above).

General info


• These are just kids
• This is just a game
• The coach is a volunteer
• The referees are human
• We are all here to have fun

Inclement Weather Procedure