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For our soccer seasons, players participate in a skills assessment to help place them on teams suited for their abilities.  We want to encourage skill development and comradery with teammates which we believe is best done when each player has an opportunity for equal contribution to the team.

Community Evaluation Schedule    TBD

Saints Tryout Schedule                      TBD

 Indoor 2020/ 2021 Season Information

Registration begins August 15, 2020

SGSA is proud to work with Jumpstart and KidSport!



Indoor 2020/ 2021 Season Duration:

Minis (U4-U7) – Mid October to February 21, 2021

Youth/ Adolescent  (U9 – U19) – Pre-season begins 1st week of October,  Regular season – mid October to February

Saints – (U9 – U11)  Pre-season begins end of September, Regular season runs mid October to February

Saints – (U13 – U19) Pre-season begins end of September, Regular season runs mid October to March

Days of Play and Fees for Indoor 2020/ 2021.


U9-U19 Practice to be determined by Coach

Age Group Year of Birth Fees Tentative Game Days                       (Days subject to change)              
U4 2017 $TBD Sun 3:15 – 4 pm     In Spruce Grove
U5 2016 $TBD Mon & Wed 5-6 or 6-7      In Spruce Grove
U7 2014/2015 $TBD Tues & Thurs 5-6 or 6-7   In Spruce Grove
U9 2012/2013 $TBD Saturday Games
U11 2010/2011 $TBD Saturday Games
U13 2008/2009 $TBD Girls – Saturdays,  Boys – Sundays
U15 2006/2007 $TBD Sunday Games
U17 2004/2005 $TBD Sunday Games
U19 2002/2003 $TBD Sunday Games

SAINTS PROGRAMS (PREMIER) – click for more information

Premier includes 2 practices a week and Technical Training every other week.

Age Group Year of Birth Fees Tentative Playing Days                             (Days subject to change)
U9 Premier Mini 2012/2013 $335 Mondays
U11 Tier 1 & 2 2010/2011 $375 Mondays
U11 Tier 3 2010/2011 $375 Mondays
U13 Tier 1 & 2 2008/2009 $TBD Sundays Non Boarded
U13 Tier 3 2008/2009 $TBD Wednesdays
U15 Tier 1 2006/2007 $TBD Sundays Non Boarded
U15 Tier 2 2006/2007 $TBD Mondays
U15 Tier 3 2006/2007 $TBD Thursdays
U17 Tier 1 2004/2005 $TBD Sundays Non Boarded
U17 Tier 2 2004/2005 $TBD Sundays Non Boarded
U17 Tier 3 2004/2005 $TBD Thursdays
U19 Tier 2 2002/2003 $TBD Thursdays
U19 Tier 3 2002/2003 $TBD Thursdays


Men’s and Ladies Competitive 19 – 34 $225-$255 1 game per week (EDSA)
Ladies Classics 35 – 99 $225-$255 1 game per week (EDSA)


Runners or Indoor soccer shoes, shin pads, and a water bottle. U4 to U19 community players are supplied with socks, shorts and a jersey to keep. These will be handed out to all players by the coach at the first practice.

SGSA is a volunteer-run organization, parent volunteers are required to make the program a success.

There are a variety of volunteer options available – You MUST choose one method of fulfilling your volunteer duties. Volunteer commitments are 1 per FAMILY!

  1. You can sign up for a specific volunteer activity (ex. coaching a team or helping at one of the outdoor events such as the Moon Day or Mini tournament). If you choose this option a $200.00 Volunteer Deposit Cheque, cash, etransfer or Credit Card Authorization is due at the time of registration, as well as committing to the specific event. If you do not fulfill your commitment your  Deposit will be charged, cashed or kept.


2.       You can purchase 1 box of chocolates ($100 due at time of registration) to resell (or eat!)


Teams are coached by parent/sibling volunteers.

If you are interested in coaching but have not played soccer – no problem!
No experience is necessary. All we need is a willing volunteer who wants to learn how to encourage and teach our players the skills necessary. SGSA will provide the information regarding available coaching courses and will reimburse you for the cost of course registrations.