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Become a Referee

Before you can officiate a game, you must be fully certified with the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA).  Certification is valid for one outdoor season & the following indoor season(courses are required in the fall to officiate for indoor).  Returning Referees must re-register with ASA before April 1, or a late fee will apply.  Youth/District Level Referees need to attend a refresher course; Mini Referees do not. Please visit the ASA web site for details on how to become a new Referee OR how to renew certification from the previous year.

SGSA Outdoor Referee Fees

DivisionCommunity CRCommunity ARPremier CRPremier AR
Referees completing an assigned match for regular league play will be paid, Payments will be proceed at the end of each month, Indoor fees are handled centrally by EMSA

Location of Teams/Spectators on Field Sidelines

It is EMSA’s policy that teams will sit on opposite sides of the field from one another. The spectators of a team should sit on the same side of the field as their own team but will be separated from their team by the center flag. 

The home team will have the choice as to which side they prefer. 

Teams must be set up where the AR’s will be positioned along the touchline and not with Spectators.  The only field that is an exception in Spruce Grove is Fuhr Field as there are bleachers located outside of the playing surface and teams will share the same touchline, separated by a flag marked at half.

Contact Our Assignor

All referees must sign up at assignr.com or download the app to ref in Spruce Grove. We use this program for our assigning for the outdoor season and tournaments. If you have any questions, please contact our assignor at the contact information below.
Dean Gaskarth
Email: ref@saintsfc.ca
Phone: 780-235-2016
Ed Charpentier
Email: technicaldir@edmontonsoccer.com
Ph: 780-405-8960

Misconduct Reports

Misconduct reports must be submitted the office by 12:00PM the next business day following your game.
For all other games please forward to the appropriate person:
EMSA community games – jennad@emsamain.com
EMSA premier games – angelad@emsamain.com
If warranted, please cc the SGSA referee director when sending the Misconduct Report
ASA Misconduct Report Form – For Referees

Referee Director Message

Refereeing can be a pleasant and fulfilling experience for some, but it is also a paid position and with this comes certain expectations and conditions that need to be met each and every assignment. We want you as a referee to be successful and appreciate constructive and honest feedback from any participant involved with a match.
What is expected of you as a Referee in Spruce Grove?

  • It is expected that all referees treat players, coaches, parents and each other with respect. Be professional both on and off the field and apply the rules of the game in a fair and consistent manner to minimize the possibility of situations getting out of hand. It is always easier to de-escalate the situation, before it gets out of hand by being polite.
  • Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the kick off time so that you and your team of referees can complete the proper checks and preparations for a smooth match.
  • It is expected that all referees will wear the appropriate uniform to all games.
  • It is expected that any cancellation of games will be given with at least 48 hours of notice, unless there is an emergency.
  • It is expected that all referees will inform the Assignor if there is a no-show.
  • If you have completed your assignment and notice another game ready to go with no officials, please contact your assignor immediately.
  • It is expected that referees will honor their assignments and will not turn back or switch games because of pay or other reasons.

Dean Gaskarth

Referee Director

Email: ref@saintsfc.ca

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