Outdoor 2023

➔ In-house teams play locally
➔ 2 skill levels (beginner and intermediate/advanced)
➔ Semi-competitive atmosphere, focus on skilled soccer
➔ Co-ed for this season, but depending on demand, may look at gender specific for indoor
➔ 18 years + (again, depending on registration numbers may look at age groupings)
➔ 1 hour game per week (equipment needed…shin pads and running shoes or outdoor cleats)

➔ Build camaraderie and connection with people in our community
➔ Get some exercise while learning/playing the game of soccer
➔ Develop skill and confidence on the field
➔ Have fun!

Have you ever thought about learning the game that your children play? Or maybe you would love to play but don’t have time to commit to a competitive adult team. Are you new to Spruce Grove and want to meet people? Are you looking to add some exercise and fitness to your routine? Whatever the reason, soccer covers it all! Play to get the best total workout possible, or to understand the game better or to learn the game while meeting people. 


Please contact Loretta adultpremierdirector@sprucegrovesoccer.ca